General Clinic

General Clinic Information

LOCATION: MSC-South (525 Bryant), Virtual (until further notice)

Hours: Closed until August, 2021. Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]

VOLUNTEERS: UCSF School of Nursing, UCSF School of Medicine, UCSF School of Pharmacy, Advanced Healthcare Providers​​​​​

SERVICES: The General Clinic can treat MSC-South residents and drop-in clients who have simple, acute medical needs such as upper respiratory infections, lice, basic wound care, etc. For patients with more complicated or chronic conditions, we offer a robust referral program designed to help patients enter the mainstream health care system. We provide patient-centered referrals to insurance enrollment centers, primary care, dental care, mental health, and substance use treatment programs. We also offer blood glucose readings, blood pressure checks, PPD placement & readings, hygiene supplies and harm reduction kits. Our volunteers include UCSF nursing and medical students plus University of San Francisco undergraduates. Each shift we are joined by a volunteer physician preceptor.

Dermatology Clinic

Dermatology Clinic Information

LOCATION: MSC-South (525 Bryant),  Virtual (until further notice)

Hours: TBD, Please email [email protected]

VOLUNTEERS: UCSF School of Medicine

​​​​​​SERVICES: Dermatology Clinic treats shelter residents who have skin concerns including skin lesions and rashes. We offer basic medications to alleviate symptoms and treat the condition on site. We also offer dermatology and medical referrals for patients who need specialized or long-term care. We are implementing education tools to empower patients to conduct their own skin checks to identify lesions that are new, changing or worrisome.

Opthalmology Clinic

Opthalmology Clinic Information

LOCATION: Division Circle Navigation Center (224 South Van Ness), Virtual (until further notice)

Hours: ​​​​​TBD, Please email [email protected]

VOLUNTEERS: UCSF School of Medicine

SERVICES: Ophthalmology Clinic provides navigation center residents with comprehensive eye exams, prescriptions for corrective lenses, referrals to ZSFGH for urgent eye health concerns, and connections to resources such as free eyeglasses. At Ophtho Clinic, medical students work with an interprofessional team including optometrists, optometric technicians, pre-medical students, and ophthalmology attendings, residents, and fellows.

Pharmacy Clinic

Pharmacy Clinic Information

LOCATION: MSC-South (525 Bryant), Virtual (until further notice)

Hours: Closed until August, 2021. Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]

VOLUNTEERS: UCSF School of Pharmacy Students with Homelessness Health Elective Credit

SERVICES: Pharmacy clinic provides information about medications, lifestyle recommendations, blood pressure and blood sugar checks, smoking cessation counseling, and over-the-counter product recommendations to MSC-South residents. Student pharmacists triage and interview patients, practice clinical skills and apply therapeutics knowledge, work collaboratively with colleagues and pharmacist preceptors to assess the patient and create a plan, and counsel patients on medications and non-pharmacologic recommendations.

Women's Support Group

Women's Support Group Information

LOCATION: MSC-South (525 Bryant), Mezzanine

Hours: TBD, Please contact [email protected]


SERVICES: Women's Support Group provides space for women staying at MSC-South to connect and support each other. Medical students and psychiatry preceptors facilitate a safe and brave space for women to share their stories with one another. Women are also given resources on local health and social services if requested at the end of group

Women's Health Group

Women's Health Group Information

LOCATION: MSC-South (525 Bryant), Mezzanine

Hours: TBD, Please contact [email protected]

VOLUNTEERS: Any UCSF health professional student

SERVICES: Women's Health Group  offers a safe space for clients who identify as female, trans-identifying, and gender non-conforming/non-binary to explore and learn about various health topics that range from mental health, to contraception, to self care, and viral illnesses. Clients staying at the MSC Shelter are welcome to attend to listen and share their own challenges, and experiences with various aspects of their health, and the healthcare system. Resources on that night's health topic, as well as resources for outside social and health services are available to clients by request.

Men's Health Group

Men's Health Group Information

LOCATION: MSC-South, Mezzanine

Hours: TBD, Please contact [email protected]

VOLUNTEERS: UCSF students, USF students

SERVICES: Men’s Health Group addresses homelessness on an individual level by providing a safe group discussion space for men at MSC-South. Using meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and additional biopsychosocial approaches, we encourage camaraderie and healing which we believe can improve the lives of shelter residents and the San Francisco community as a whole.